China Imperial Coinage (1) - 1904 Fengtien/Fungtien Province 20 Cents

Today's post is about a semi-scarce Imperial Provincial Coinage struck in the now defunct, Fengtien(Fungtien) Mint. 

Quick Overview:

Country: China
Date: 1904 (Undated)
Dynasty: Qing 
Region/Province: Fengtien/Fungtien
Composition: Silver
Catalog: Krause: Y91
                L/M- 484

Varieties (General Discernment) 

According to Krause's Standard Catalog of World Coins, there are 2 varieties of the 20 cents from Fengtien/Fungtien province. The first one is a more common variety, which is the "8 row of scales" variety, which is evident on the body of the dragon. The second is a considerably scarcer "5 row of scales" variety, which has a noticeably larger die size. My coin shown here is the common variety, the "8 row of scales."  

For additional information on the scarcer "5 row of scales" variety, the Krause number is--Y# 85.1-- and the value is 10 or 15 fold the "8 row of scales" variety.


This coin is one of the scarcer 20 cents pieces from the Imperial Provincial Coinage series. Minted in the Chinese sexagenary year of Jia Shen or "甲辰", it was minted in the Gregorian Year: 1904. 

Moreover, this is only the common 20 cents coin from Fengtien Province.

Mine is in VF+ Condition

Note the smaller die size, which is actually standard for the 1 Mace and 4.4 Candareens "20 Cent" pieces. Also, the 8 row of scales are clearly evident. This is the common variety. 

Obverse: 光緒元寶          奉天省造      庫平一銭四分四釐
Reverse: Fung-Tien Province   1 Mace and 44 Candareens

Mint Information:
The Fungtien Mint was located in the Northeastern Provinces that now consist of Liaoning, Heilongjiang, and Jillin Province. Eventually, by the end of the Guang Xu reign in 1908, the Fungtien Mint was replaced with the Manchurian Provinces Mint. The Fungtien Mint is famous for its rare early silver coin series, that consisted of the 5, 10, 20, 50 Cents and 1 Dollar, bearing its original legend, "Tengtien". Moreover, their taels and dollars fetch record prices at modern Heritage, Stacks and Bowers auctions, and other auctions in Hong Kong.

The Fungtien Mint's general silver issues that preceded this issue is iconic for its "circular legend" format of Manchurian and Chinese characters. Here is a scarce 10 cents issue as reference, courtesy of NGC.