China Republican Coinage (1) - 1949 (Year 38) TOWN HALL Yunnan Province 云南省造 20 Cents 一钱四分四

Today, I present my first coin in the upcoming series of Chinese Republican era coinage. 

Quick Overview:

Country: China
Date: 1949 (Min Guo 38th Year)
Dynasty: Republic  
Region/Province: Yunnan
Composition: Silver
Catalog: Krause: Y493 / LM 432

The Yunnan 1949 "City Hall" 20 Cents 


Among the most common coins from the Republican Era Yunnan Mint are the new Yunnan silver series. These coins were struck with old Qing dies. The more scarcer coins from the Yunnan mint include:

The 20 Cents from the Old Yunnan Series 
The Tang Ji Yao (2 Varieties) of the Half Dollar
The smaller sized New Yunnan Dragon coins 

Here are some pictures for reference:

Now for this coin, this is also a scarcer issue. This particular variety of the coin was minted during the last year of the Republican Era, before the Communist take over in 1949, and the proclamation of the People's Republic of China. 

The denomination is 20 cents. There is no remark in English, of a 1 Mace and 4.4 Candareens, as this method was primarily used during the Qing era. 

Instead, it has the Chinese characters, 貳角, denoting 20 Cents!

Obverse: 雲南省造         貳角銀幣         中華民國三十八年

Reverse: No LEGEND: Yunnan Town Hall
Condition: AU+

Mint Information:
According to Lin Gwo Ming and Ma Tak Wo in their book, "Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Gold and Silver Coins (Ching and Republican Issues)", the modern milled coinage were struck in 1907, from "master dies supplied by the Tientsin Mint". This new Yunnan Mint was constructed in 1905, during the 31st Year of Kuang Hsu, which replaced the old Bao Yun mint that minted cast cash coins. 

During this mint's years, it minted the Old Yunnan Dragon series during the Qing Dynasty, the New Yunnan Dragon series, Crossed Flags, and Tang Jiyao coins during the Republican era.