China Republican Coinage (4) - 1919 SCARCE 50 Brass Cash - Yunnan Warlord: Tang Jiyao/唐繼堯 - 五十文

Today's post will focus on a scarce Republican era provincial milled cash. 

Quick Overview:

Country: China
Date: 1919 (Undated) 
Dynasty: Republic  
Region/Province: Yunnan
Composition: Brass
Catalog: Krause: Y478

I am sure you recognize the more common and well known 50 cents from Yunnan Province. It looks virtually the same as this 50 cash, with the main difference being the size, denomination, and composition! The obverse, depicting the Yunnan Warlord Tang Jiyao, along with the Republican crossed flags reverse, is the same. 

^Today's feature! The 50 Cash

^Another day's feature! The 50 cents silver from Yunnan. Same person! 
Tang Jiyao.jpg
^The actual person! The warlord of Yunnan Province! Tang Ji Yao (唐繼堯)

*Imagine having a series of coins minted with your bust on it! A rarity during the era. Usually, these are for commemorative issues. This coin issued by a warlord is the few used for general circulation! * 


In general, coins struck from the Republican era in Yunnan Province, is rather scarce. For instance, from the Yunnan Town Hall 20 cents, to the various denominations of crossed flags milled cash, and finally to the iconic Min Guo Tong Bao, the last cast coin ever in China, all constitute a rare series of scarce Yunnan coinage. Moreover, there is another scarce series, that depicting the Governor General, aka, the Warlord of Yunnan Province-- Tang Ji Yao. 

This particular coin is the only brass/copper coin and the only cash coin of the series. There are no other brass/copper cash of Tang Ji Yao. Chinese coin collectors are well versed with the more notable 50 cents coin, struck in silver. 

The most rare and expensive series in the Tang Ji Yao mintage is the gold Yuan coins. They were issued in limited numbers, and are a few examples of gold Republican era coins. They have been sold and auctioned in many big auction houses! 

Obverse:      紀念铜幣     /     Bust

Reverse: 雲南省造             /       當制銭五十文

Condition: F/VF

Mint Information:
According to Lin Gwo Ming and Ma Tak Wo in their book, "Illustrated Catalog of Chinese Gold and Silver Coins (Ching and Republican Issues)", the modern milled coinage were struck in 1907, from "master dies supplied by the Tientsin Mint". This new Yunnan Mint was constructed in 1905, during the 31st Year of Kuang Hsu, which replaced the old Bao Yun mint that minted cast cash coins. 

During this mint's years, it minted the Old Yunnan Dragon series during the Qing Dynasty, the New Yunnan Dragon series, Crossed Flags, and Tang Jiyao coins during the Republican era.