The Tiny Yuan Shikai 10 Cents (壹角) "Fatman" (Silver) and Brief Variety Breakdown

Remember the silver Fatman dollar a few posts ago? Well today's post is its little brother! A scarcer 10 cent piece! 

For the Fatman Dollar, click here! :

Quick Overview:

Country: China
Date: 1914 (Year 3)
Dynasty: Republic  
Region/Province: Central
Composition: Silver 
Catalog: Krause: Y 326 
Other notes: Varieties Present 


The term Fatman refers to the man on the obverse of the coin. A famous and important figure to the development of Modern China, since the late 1800's of the Qing Dynasty to the early years of the Republic. Read on to find out who this man is! 

Obverse:      中華民国三年     /     Bust

Reverse:  每十枚当當一圎         壹角

Condition: F-VF



Yuan Shikai: 


Mint Information: