China Republican Coinage - 1924 甲子年 Fukien Province 20 Cents

Today's coin is yet another 20 cent piece from Fukien Province, struck during the Republican Era. It is an uncommon variety with various dates but same design.

General Overview:

Date: 1924 (From the 甲子年 sexagenary year)
Dynasty: China Republic
Emperor/Ruler: N/A
Denomination: 20 Cents (1 Mace and 4.4 Candareens)
Catalog: Y# 318.4
Composition: Silver
Weight: 5.0g
Size: --




福建銀幣廠造       民國甲子       庫平一錢四分四釐

Coin Remarks:

During the Republican Era, the Fukien (Fujian) Provincial Mint produced several silver coins for general issue. There are many series from ones bearing crossed flags to those commemorating revolutionary events. 

My coin bears the dates 甲子 which denotes the sexagenary year it was produced---1924. This particular coin is one of the lesser known issues from the Republican Era. This was because the crossed flag design, symbolizing the new Republic, was issued at a higher abundance. 

My coin is circulated yet the details are sharp and easily discernible. On the obverse, we are able to see every single character. However, the center symbol, a flower is slightly worn and flattened. 

On the reverse, the intertwined flag design--a totally new design-- is evident. The minor details on the flags are a bit worn. Yet, the general shapes are clearly seen. The denticles on the rims are clearly present and sharp. They are not mushy from extensive circulation. 

I do believe that there is some old polish on this coin. I would still say that this coin is at a VF-XF grade.