China Republican Coinage - 1931 Fukien Province 20 Cents - Commemorative Issue 黃花岡 纪念幣 "Yellow Flower Mound Park"

Today's coin is a 20 cent piece from Fukien Province, struck during the Republican Era. It is actually a commemorative issue! 

Quick Overview:

Country: China
Date: 1931 (Year 20)
Dynasty: Republican 
Region/Province: Fukien (Fujian)
Composition: Silver
Catalog: Krause: Y384.2 (Many various varieties--different types of bricks, placement, etc--and different dates.)

Historical Background and Coin Remarks:

By far, in my opinion and with searching on eBay and visiting local coin dealers in Hong Kong, the 20 Cents is a common and well rounded denomination. The 20 cents from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republican Era often have the standardized weight of 1 Mace and 4.4 Candareens, which remained consistent from the Provincial Dragon 20 cents of the Qing to the Yuan Shikai "Fatman" 20 cents of the Republic. 

In the realm of machine struck Chinese coinage, the commemorative coin or "纪念幣" is often scarcer compared to the general issue counterparts. Often, the most common is the 1 Dollar/Yuan featuring the bust of Sun Yat Sen, which was minted in 1927 (Restrike) to commemorate the establishment of the Republic. 

This 20 cent is somewhat related to the idea of the "Establishment of the Republic," by commemorating a watershed event that exacerbated the downfall of the Qing Dynasty. More specifically, the failed Republican 2nd Kwangtung (Canton) Uprising. 

In this uprising, there is a focus on the 72 Martyrs, who were a group of students and Tongmenhui members that revolted against the local Qing government in Canton. Led by the Revolutionary general Huang Xin (Great movie by Jackie Chan - "1911" - side note), they attempted to liberate the city and set an example for other provincial anti-Qing revolts. 

Yet, the local uprising failed and many of the rebels were executed. Most notably were those 72 young students. 

After the defeat of the Qing, through the successful Wuchang Uprising that was part of the Xinhai Revolution of 1911, the newly established Republican Government established a memorial park to commemorate those who died. It was called "黃花岡" or Yellow Flower Mound Park in English. 

This particular coin is a commemorative coin issued by the Fukien Provincial Mint in the 20th year of the Republic, or 1931. The obverse depicts the actual memorial, where the bricks and the statue is shown gracing the top. Here is the actual picture as reference. 

Courtesy of Wikipedia:
The reverse has the date "Created by the Fukien Provincial Mint in the 20th Year of the Republic" and has the central "20" surrounded by a Nationalist Star. The bottom legends say that "Five of these coins equal to the denomination of 1 Yuan/Dollar."

This particular coin seems to be lightly circulated. There is some remaining luster--a golden tint--to both sides of the coin. There is also no evidence of polish or alteration. I would say that original luster is present. Furthermore, the details on the obverse, especially the bricks and statue details are fully visible and not worn away. The characters on both sides of the coins are not worn and visible as well.

In terms of variety, there are several of this series--they vary with the placement and position of the bricks. The position is often mentioned as the third level (according to Krause). 

Obverse: The 72 Martyrs Memorial in Kwangtung Province.
黃花岡 = Huang Guang Park - Commorating those who died during the Second Guangzhou (Canton) Uprising of 1911

Reverse: Dates and denomination on the edge. Central "20" denoting 20 cents or 2 Jiao. 

Obverse:  黃花岡纪念幣  / Memorial

Reverse:  中華民国二十年福建省造    每五枚當一圎         20 in Center.

Condition: XF - AU (Luster)

Additional Information: