Cast Coins Template for Korean Coins

Today's post is THE FIRST in the series of cast copper cash from the Korean Joseon Dynasty. Here, I present a series of different Sang Pyong Tong Bo, the iconic and general currency used for nearly 300 years. 
  • Introduction to the Sang Pyong Tong Bo coins.
    • Historical Origin. 
    • Purpose and Function. 
    • Predecessors and Successors.
    • Use within context. 
  • Variety Breakdown: Furnaces, Minting Areas, Regional Areas, Discernment. 
  • Additional Variety Breakdown: Character Analysis and Interpretation. (e.g Thousand Character Classic, Shapes like Crescent, Dot, Line, etc)
  • Specific coin remarks on the condition and details on my set of coins.
  • Specific information on variety, rarity, and denomination of my series set. 
  • Other additional or supplemental information, e.g catalogs, websites, scholarly sources, etc. 
The standard four Chinese or Hanja characters that are uniform for every coin cast regardless of denomination, location, etc.  
and in Korean

(Character Differences)

Historical Origin and Context
Purpose and Function
Preceding and Succeeding Issues
Contextual Usage

Variety Breakdown: Regional Mints and Casting Furnaces
Additional Variety Breakdown: Character Analysis and Meaning

My Coin Remarks
Rarity, Denomination, Variety

Additional Information