Anthony's Interests

  • Milled (machine struck) silver coins of Qing and Republican China
    • Provincial issues
    • Central issues
    • Occupational issues
  • Recently, I have been highly engrossed with the coins of Sinkiang during its Qing and Republican eras
    • Hammered tangas in the 1/2 miscal and 5 fen denominations of Yaqub Beg and the Qing Dynasty
    • Milled silver miscal coinage
    • Ration silver or xiang yin
    • Milled copper
    • Occasional "red cash" or hong qian
  • Milled Joseon Coinage. (1392-1897)
    • For instance, a Kaeguk 501 1 Yang struck at the Inchon Mint
  • Milled Korean Empire Coinage. (1897-1905)
    • For instance, a Kwangmu 2nd Year 1/4 Yang
  • Milled Japanese Protectorate Era Coinage (1905-1910)
    • For instance, a Yunghui 2nd Year 1/2 Won struck at the Osaka Mint
General/Historical Musings
  • History Essays
  • Book Reviews
  • Musings on Political Science (e.g. International Relations, Comparative Politics)
  • Random essays on Political Philosophy/Theory
  • Personal Thoughts and Opinions 

Guangxu Emperor - Wikipedia

Emperor Guang Xu (1875-1908)
Qing Dynasty