[YouTube] A Numismatic Overview and History of Korean Historical Coins (Parts 1 and 2) + Updates

 Dear All, 

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their holiday break and the happy New Year. I have posted two videos (Part 1 and Part 2) on my YouTube channel that showcases the historical Korean coins from my collection. This is the first video out of a planned series which I intend to focus on the coins from historical China, Korea, and Japan, which largely encapsulate my collection. 

In this video, I discuss the numismatic details about the coins from Korea during her Joseon Dynasty, Korean Empire, and Japanese Protectorate eras. In these two videos, I intend to capture, in a broad and somewhat cursory manner, the numismatic history of a historical Korea. In addition to this, I have briefly discussed what I think are important historical events in politics, war, economics, etc., that bring additional context to the coins themselves. I shall aim for these in the future videos of my historical East Asian coin series. 

Please mind the bit of rambling or digressions if they are encountered; this is my first official video and I will definitely improve! Please give me feedback and give it a watch!

I will update my blog with future videos and posts about the coins that I have, along with new coins added to my collection. I have been busy with college work and some other activities but my passion for coins still rings true in my heart! Stay tuned everyone for more posts and new updates on my collection! 

Finally, please stay safe and well in these challenging times. I hope 2021 will be a better year and full of awesome memories and a bright future! 

For the allure of numismatics,

Anthony Hui